Community of Hope Chaplains

Community of Hope Chaplains are a team of trained lay volunteers who use their gifts and graces to be the ultimate partner in ministry with the clergy and staff. With this training they will be empowered to make hospital, homebound and nursing home  visits, telephone persons in need of contact, meet one-on-one with persons in need of a listening ear for prayer and encouragement, offer support to grieving families and proactively seek to encourage and care for persons in need.  The St. James model of congregational care is built on an active pastoral-staff-lay partnership.  As a large church, St.James follows the biblical model of congregational caregiving, supports the ministry gifts of trained servant disciples. To receive a hospital or homebound visit from a trained and commissioned Chaplain, please contact Director of Congregational Care Jenny Smith at 217-6756 or

The 14-week, 42-hour curriculum includes:

Benedictine Spirituality / Theology of Pastoral /  Pastoral Identity / Listening Skills / Prayer / Christian Meditation / Motivational Spiritual Gifts / The Pastoral Visit / Boundaries and Confidentiality / Debriefing / Understanding Family Systems / Grief: Coping with Loss  / Pastoral Care for Second Practice Visit / Care for the Caregiver /an overnight Ministry Retreat

Our Ministries through Community of Hope include:

Outreach to the community / homebound / Nursing / Hospices / Retirement & Community Centers / Women’s Ministries / Underserved Ministries / Homebound Ministries /  Prisons / Hospitals and rehabilitation /  Youth and Children’s Homeless / Mission trips

For a fuller description of the curriculum, please visit our website at
To apply for the Community of Hope Ministry contact Jenny Smith at 217-6756 or email her at