Children and Youth Volunteers

Children are the most precious gift from God.  At St. James, we take our responsibility to care for all children to heart.  We also seek to provide our volunteers with the tools and knowledge to serve to God’s church and children.  In order to reach our goals, we have developed a Safe Sanctuary policy.  Each person who volunteers to work with children and youth on a regular basis is required to follow the policy. Below are four easy steps to becoming Safe Sanctuary certified! Download the complete Safe Sanctuary policy. Please review the policy and contact your program director if you have any questions.Complete and return the application form, covenant form, and permission to conduct background checks.  If you are member for less than six months or not a member, provide contact information for three non-related people on the reference form.Watch the Safe Sanctuary presentation online or contact a program director for training.  Training takes approximately 20 minutes.Take the quiz and push the submit button.

Step1. Download the policy.

CLICK HERE to download the safe sanctuary policy. 

You will want to keep this for reference and information purposes.  In addition to the policy, you will find some helpful information and contact information in the appendix.

Step 2. Fill out an application

CLICK HERE to download an editable pdf file for Adults. CLICK HERE to download an editable pdf file for Youth. Complete the forms and return them to either your program director or Kim Anderson.  Forms may be mailed to the address below.  Please note that one form does require a notary signature.  There are two notaries at the church to assist you.  If you have been members for less than six months or are not members of St. James UMC you will be asked to provide three references.  The appropriate form is included in the packet for you to complete.

Mailing Address:
St. James United Methodist Church
Attn: (Name of program director or Kim Anderson)
321 Pleasant Valley Dr.
Little Rock AR 72212.

The forms must be returned before your Safe Sanctuary application and training can be processed.

Step 3.  Training

Training for Safe Sanctuary can be completed in one of two ways.  First you may watch an on-line PowerPoint presentation.  Please note that there is audio on the PowerPoint.  To play the audio make sure your speakers are turned on and press the image of a speaker in the lower left corner of each slide.The second way to receive training is to make an appointment with your program director for training.  Occasionally we will offer training sessions for large groups.  These will be advertised in the newsletter and bulletin.

Safe Sanctuary 2017 from St. James U.M.C. on Vimeo


Step 4. Take the online Quiz

Once you have completed the on-line training, please click the link below and answer the ten questions.  Once you have answered the questions, press submit.

TAKE THE ONLINE QUIZ HERE Once you have submitted your forms and completed the quiz, a program director will contact you to confirm your Safe Sanctuary Certification. If you have any questions about this process, the policy, or need further assistance, please contact your program director or one of the following people: Gayle Bohannon, Church Administrator at 217-6712 or Kim Anderson, Executive Director of Ministries at 217-6708 or Rev. Greg Schick, Associate Pastor at 217-6706 or