7/29/20 Watch the Town Hall meeting with the Pastors below

Carness is joined by our Youth Ministry Director Chris Johnson to talk about how things have been going for our students during this time of the pandemic.

Watch the full length Zoom Interview with Dorcas Vangilst of Dorcas House. The Dorcas House reaches out to women and children of Central Arkansas and offers housing, classes, counseling, and other services to those dealing with domestic violence, addiction, and other struggles to help them rebuild their lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can learn more or make a donation to The Dorcas House at https://urmissionlr.org/donate/

Carness interviews St. James maintenance staff, Terry Chastain, Maintenance Manager, and Renee Atkinson, Facilities Manager about the challenges facing the maintenance department during the COVID crisis.

Carness interviews Mandy Jones, a nurse at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Mandy recently went to New York City to help out with the COVID crisis.

Carness talks with Children’s Director Sean Dunbar about what it’s like to do Children’s Ministry during COVID-19, and what’s coming up this summer.

Join Carness and Dr. Tony Ferretti for an important chat about positive ways to cope with the enormous amount of stress and anxiety that a pandemic can present. Dr. Ferretti is a clinical psychologist in Florida specializing in relationships, communication, and conflict–and he also happens to be Rev. Carness’s brother-in-law!

Director of Missions Brenda Weeks chat with Carness about how St. James has been navigating the area of missions during this time of pandemic.